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DOC & Contract Awarded to RMS

River Marine Services Limited have successfully gained their “St Vincent & Grenadines” Document of Compliance. This achievement gives official recognition to the company to provide ship management services in the region. It also means that RMS have been successfully audited and found compliant with the DOC requirements of the ISM Code (1.1.5 of the code).


DP Reel

The reason for DOC certifications is to ensure that there is compliance of safety standards by ship management service providers. These standards and codes have been put in place to provide safety at sea, save people from injury or loss of life, protect sea property and safeguard the environment, in particular the marine environment.

Subsequently, River Marine Services Limited have won a contract for managing DP Reel, a cable layer, owned by “Red 7 Marine”. The 91 metre ship was built in April of 1976 and is registered in St Vincent & Grenadines. Ship management operations on the ship will commence as of December 2013

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