With its strategic location, modern facilities and its highly skilled workforce, Malta is the ideal base for maritime and shipping operations. The Merchant Shipping Act which regulates the registration and operations of vessels under the Malta flag also allows Ship Management Companies operations for ship management, administration and/or vessel operation whether the vessels are registered in Malta or elsewhere. Malta’s deep natural harbours, well equipped ports and continuous Government incentives and investments allows it to be a haven for international shipping. Governed by Transport Malta and the International Shipping Register Malta offers:

-> Ship supplies and towage services
-> Ship Building and repairs
-> Freeport Terminals and Oil Terminal
-> A cruise liners hub
-> Yacht marinas
-> A well respected Nautical School
-> High level training for officers

Via its offices in Malta, River Marine Services provides a range of vessel management services to customers across the world. Being based in Malta allows us to be at the forefront of modern day ship facilities and maritime legislation. This is due to the fact that Malta is close to all Mediterranean trade routes, since ships to and from the Suez Canal navigate close to Malta. Being so close to one of the world main shipping arteries allows Malta to offer high standard international services and facilities.

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