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About Us

At River Marine Services (RMS), our aim is to be our client’s number one port of call when it comes to any ship management requirement. Through the expert industry knowledge of our professional consultants, we are are competently able to offer our services worldwide with our head office being based on the historical Maritime Island of Malta. We ensure the highest standards from our specialized professionals 24 hours a day 365 days a year.




Tailor Made Service

RMS is a dynamic provider of integrated ship management services to the international shipping and offshore industries. Our tailor made service ensures our clients get exactly the ship management solution required.







What We Handle

RMS manages a wide variety of vessels such as DP Vessels, DP Diving Support, Survey Vessels, Fast Launch / Fishery Protection Vessels, Cable Layers, Seismic Support Vessels, Supply Vessels, Traditional Cargo Vessels and Bulk Carriers.







Two Millenia of Ship Management

Malta has offered harbor and ship services to all the greatest shipping civilizations. From Roman Triremes to Knight Galleons to British Dreadnaughts to Modern Cruise Liners, Malta has managed it all.







Strategically Geographic

Malta is at the forefront of modern day ship facilities and legal framework. This is due to the fact that it is close to the Mediterranean trade routes, all ships travelling to and from the Suez Canal, pass close to Malta.

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